Piney Creek Bazaar
7129 North Boswell Road Melbourne, Arkansas 72556
(870) 368-3225

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Welcome to Piney Creek Bazaar, where you can explore your inner sense of style. As lovers of art and fashion, we have developed a unique collection of apparel, decals and original artwork that represents our hippy style. We consider our items truly unique and something to inspire the wandering soul in all of us.

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When you're looking to elevate your style or your home with something truly captivating, Piney Creek Bazaar awaits. With original pieces by artist and owner Sasha Morrow, we invite you to discover one-of-a-kind apparel and artwork that speaks to you. Beyond our selection of hats, decals and art, we also host fun events like concerts and social gatherings along the creek. We’re in the process of offering campsites, private art lessons and floating for a true hippy, care-free experience!

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